Rooks Rider Solicitors to sponsor FEDESSA & SSA UK Award

Entries to this year’s FEDESSA & SSA UK Awards are now open and we are once again delighted to announce that Rooks Rider Solicitors is sponsoring a category, namely the ‘UK Large Operator Facility of the Year’.

The awards are an excellent opportunity for businesses in this sector to highlight their achievements and reward the people who make their businesses successful.

The ‘UK Large Operator Facility of the Year’ award is open to stores which have been open for at least 12 months or have reached mature occupancy levels. The business must also have a least 4 self storage stores.

The judges are looking for an outstanding store and they will use the following criteria to help them decide between the finalists.

  • Business performance – The facts and figures. How does the store perform in terms of key stats like revenue generated, occupancy, delinquency management and general business performance?
  • Location and Construction – Suitability of the location and construction method for the type of store? Any innovation in construction or design?
  • Appearance – How does the store present overall, inside and out?
  • Security – Do the security features provide customers with appropriate peace of mind?
  • Marketing – What marketing is done at a store or local level to increase the presence of the business in the community?
  • Online presence – How does the store stand out online? What is the online experience for the customer like?
  • Pricing strategy – How are prices being used to maximise revenue generation?
  • Community environment – What community involvement or environmental initiatives does the business undertake?

In addition, the judges may request a mystery shop, or organise a personal visit of some or all of the finalists to assist them in the judging process, or to verify the information provided.

Entry to the Awards is open to current members of all the associations within FEDESSA, including the SSA UK, and, where applicable, individual staff members and groups from these facilities and companies.

Finalists will be announced at the Awards Dinner in Paris on 28th September 2018, and if entered into the UK Awards, the UK Awards Dinner in London on 6th September 2018.

All entries must be submitted by 17h00 hours GMT on Friday 22nd June 2018. For more information about the awards, visit or email

Rooks Rider Solicitors are members of SSA UK and SSA Asia. Our experts regularly deal with legal issues related to self storage in the UK, delivering results for our clients in this highly competitive environment through our in-depth knowledge of the sector. For more information about how Rooks Rider Solicitors can help you and your self storage business, please contact Lindsey Hemingway or James John.

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