News Analysis: M&A activity surge imminent

As companies and investors used the dark days of the financial crisis to stockpile cash, the nascent economic recovery and future growth prospects have ensured that cash is now beginning to be put to use in a series of major deals…[There is] Evidence of a growing wave of deal activity on both sides of the Atlantic
The Telegraph – 25 September 2013

Gemma Davis, Senior Associate at Rooks Rider Solicitors, and specialist in business and corporate matters comments:

Whilst 2013 has been a quiet year for global M&A, we are definitely starting to see a rise in activity in the UK and we are continuing to see investment from overseas wealth. With the UK economy awakening from a long period of stagnation, conditions for deal-making are good. This is further supported by interest rates remaining low and this week, the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee confirmed that recent economic data “provided further evidence” that growth is picking up and would continue for the rest of the year.

Mr Carney (the new Governor for the Bank of England) has said in his interview with the Yorksire Post, that in his view the recovery had “strengthened and broadened” and he did not currently support the case for further quantitative easing. He also said that “within the UK, we are probably leading the pack of the major advanced economies”.

The climate is definitely becoming more hospitable for investment and M&A activity in the next year.

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