Furlough Scheme – Employee Start Date Changed

The qualifying date, when the employee has to have been on the employer’s payroll, has changed from 28 February to 19 March 2020.

This brings into scope a large number of people who fell outside the scheme because they had recently changed jobs.  The 19 March date is just before the Chancellor announced details of the scheme, meaning it is still effective to prevent fraudulent claims (by businesses hiring ghost employees to claim furlough payments in respect of, as those ghost employees will not have been on PAYE on 19 March).

For further information about the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (also known as ‘furlough leave’), read our briefing note:  Coronavirus – What is Furlough Leave and How to Use It.

If you have any queries regarding furlough leave or any other employment matter, Rooks Rider Solicitors is open for business as usual and is on hand to assist. Please contact Aaron Heslop in our Employment Team for advice or assistance in preparing a furlough agreement.

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