Boris Johnson poised to declare extra bank holiday if England win Euro 2020

Various media outlets are reporting today that Boris Johnson is seriously considering announcing an emergency bank holiday on Monday 12 July if England win Euro 2020 on Sunday night. As an alternative, an additional bank holiday later in the summer is also being mooted as a possibility.

In the event that England win and an emergency bank holiday is announced for Monday, employers and employees will need to check what impact this will have on their annual leave allowance. For example, do employees’ contracts state that their annual leave allowance is inclusive of public and bank holidays, meaning they may have 1 less day they can take this holiday year? What happens if your employer requires you to work on the emergency bank holiday? Can you refuse or will you receive a day in lieu? What happens if an employee is already on leave?

If England do win and an extra bank holiday is announced for Monday, it may also obviate the need for employers to dust off their sickness absence policies, as a ‘national sick day’ is potentially expected.

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