STEP Jersey Event: Corporate Directors and Trustees as “Piggy in the Middle” – How do you avoid being caught up in other people’s conflicts?

Presentation notes available – see end of article for details

On 12 May Chris Cooke and Lindsey Hemingway of Rooks Rider Solicitors presented at the Step Jersey event at the Pomme d’Or Hotel, St Helier.

The event, chaired by Lorraine Wheeler of First Names Group, covered the following topics:

For Corporate Directors:

Who do you owe your duties to?
Where does the company fit into the overall picture?
Who has operational control? Where are the reporting lines?
How may conflicts of interest arise and what can be done to manage them?
Case study 1 – Corporate Directors in shareholder disputes

For Trustees:

Who do you owe your duties to?
What personal liability might you incur?
How might conflicts arise and what can be done to manage them?
How do you balance the interests of the beneficiaries against the interests of third parties
Case Study 2 – Trustees as sellers in corporate sales

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