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The CREaTe Group was established by Rooks Rider Solicitors LLP, due to our belief that no asset moves without a tax consequence.

The Group seeks to examine the application of Corporate, Real Estate and Taxation law, as it relates to the affairs of our clients. This enables us to provide a fully integrated service, advising clients on properties and investments, as well as providing the full range of corporate and tax advice they require.

Our CREaTe team assists clients in the UK and internationally.
We explore the best way to protect and enhance our clients’
property and personal interests.

For further information on how CREaTe can assist you and your business, contact a specialist member of our team.
James John
Partner – Real Estate and Wealth Planning
+44 (0)20 7689 7152
Karen Methold
Partner - Head of Wealth Planning
+44(0)20 7689 7112
Lindsey Hemingway
Partner - Head of Corporate
+44(0)20 7689 7259
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